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Even the bad times…

I’m reading an excellent collection of essays and articles by wilderness author and mountaineer Cameron Mc Neish. A short description of a particularly difficult moment on a climb struck me as insightful; describing a few moments of very hard and committing climbing in a wilderness area, knowing he could not reverse his moves to escape, not being certain of the terrain ahead and appreciating that he was many miles from any assistance if things went wrong, he got through the moves ok and the vista thus revealed to him was a fabulous one. His reflection on those very tense moments… Read more
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Understanding your Value

Just a short piece today. Gary Younge, writing in the Guardian on 29.10.07 about politics in USA at the moment, made a statement that struck me as having a much wider relevance to those active in leadership roles. He wrote. “All politics is negotiation. It goes without saying that if you set your price too high, or walk away too soon, you could miss out on a great deal. It is equally self-evident that if you set your price too low, or your counterpart knows you will never walk away, you will sell out far too cheaply. But there are… Read more
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