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Gordon Loraine – 60th Anniversary tribute

Today, Tuesday 29th January, represents the 60th anniversary of the date my late father, (Thomas) Gordon Loraine, started his career in local government. He served the people of several communities in the north-east of England and in Hertfordshire for 40 years, before taking an early ‘retirement’ to begin another career in the commercial sector and finally run an antiques business with my mother. It’s easy when times are as fast-paced as they are now, and our lives seemingly lacking in sufficient time and space for reflection, to forget what it takes to build and sustain a long and successful career… Read more
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Emotions affect your thinking – more support for appreciative approaches

Reading Fisher and Shapiro’s new book, Beyond Reason, we found more support for the appreciative view of life delivering more and better, this time in negotiations. Consider this:”When you feel disappointment or anger, your head clogs with negative thoughts. You may criticise yourself or blame others. Negative thinking crowds out space in your brain for learning, thinking, and remembering. In fact, some negotiators become so wrapped up in their own emotions and thoughts that they fail to hear their conterpart make an important concession.When you feel positive emotions, in contrast, your thoughts often centre on what’s right about you, others,… Read more
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