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Seeing Systems – Barry Oshry

Meeting with a client last week for an executive coaching session, it was rewarding to have my client use a quote from a publication I mentioned to him several years ago, i.e. Seeing Sytems, by Barry Oshry. I think this book is an excellent ‘primer’ for anyone navigating the turbulent waters of change. Here’s the quote: There is no “We,” There is no “Them,” There is only You and Me and all of Us And then the Dance begins I’m involved in quite a few ‘Dances’ at the present. How do we ‘see’ the dances when we are in them?… Read more
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Effective conversations

In seeking some inspiration to assist in the conversations I’m having, particularly about change, in and around client organisations, I turned, as I have in the past, to Meg Wheatley’s excellent book, ‘Turning to One Another – simple conversations to restore hope to the future’. Her advice to us in trying to host meaningful conversations it to practice several new behaviours through a number of principles. These are: We acknowledge one another as equals We try to stay curious about each other We recognise that we need each other’s help to become better listeners We slow down so we have… Read more
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