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Full circle in housing allocations

The Housing and Property Law Daily web site reports that Stoke City Council has replaced its choice-based housing allocation system with a more needs-based system following a review by an external consultancy. It reports that the Council has implemented a new process from today (31/5) that allocates properties on a needs basis. The HPLD site quoted from an article in This is Staffordshire, where the council’s cabinet member for housing, Gwen Hassall, stated: “The move will mean that those people in greatest housing need will be helped more quickly and effectively as the new system will be more streamlined. “It… Read more
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The Single Data List

In case you missed it in April, go to the list of data sets required for 2011/12 from councils by Whitehall, i.e. the Single Data List. Thesingledatalistforcentralgovernmentdepartments.pdf There is a commitment from the SoS for these demands to be significantly reduced so that councils can “focus on protecting frontline services, focus resources on local priorities and meeting the needs of their communities without the spectre of new top-down data demands”… Read more
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Encouraging insight

A challenge for us in our practice as leaders, managers, advisers and coaches: “Make visible, what without you, might never have been seen.” Robert Bresson, Filmaker.… Read more
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A simple truth…

A thought both to challenge and sustain us: “If someone comes to you and asks for help, and you can help them, you’re supposed to help them. Why wouldn’t you? You have been put in the position somehow to be able to help this person.” Gil Scott-Heron NB If you buy any music this week, buy something by the late, great, Gil Scott-Heron.… Read more
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A thought for colleagues in complex situations

“We do not see the swim we are in, we do not understand its meaning, nor do we see how our experiences are shaped by the form and function of that swim. Without that “seeing” we are at the mercy of the swim. To see systems or be blind to them? The costs of blindness are clear. Who knows what possibilities “seeing” holds for us?“ Barry Oshry; Seeing Systems… Read more
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Not-for-Profits face a "perfect storm"

Some interesting findings from a recent IPSOS MORI poll on behalf of the Charity Commission: “Despite high levels of trust (in charities), and 7% saying their trust and confidence in charities has increased over the past two years, one in ten (11%) say that their trust and confidence in charities has decreased. The most common reason for this decrease is media coverage about how charities spend their donations (response given by 28% of those whose trust has declined). Indeed, ‘ensuring that a reasonable proportion of donations make it to the end cause’ is the most important factor affecting trust and… Read more
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The Open Channel cuts the cost of supporting managers

I am delighted to be writing about The Open Channel which is launched today. This new venture, in which I am collaborating with Janet Dean, hits the internet just three months after we conceived it in the Millennium Galleries Cafe in Sheffield. Over the past six months many of us with long experience across the public sector and in public, private and voluntary partnerships, have been challenged to think afresh about what we need to do to make sure we retain the best and change the rest across all our public services. However you view the politics, change is inevitable… Read more
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Prime Minister talks of "health not sickness"

Listening today to the PM’s speech on NHS reform, he spoke of a health service being more focused on “health and not sickness.” I presume he meant the health of individuals, of communities and of the nation as a whole perhaps. Whilst millions of words have and will be written about NHS reform, this short phrase is an interesting take on how we can view not only something as gargantuan in scale as the NHS, but much smaller entities, such as our teams, services and organisations. Setting this apparently positive frame on the proposed NHS reforms suggests that when thinking… Read more
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