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Attack on pensions challenged this week

I’ve previously written about how many employees across all sectors deserve better from their pension schemes, whether final salary or defined contribution, public or private sector. What’s clear from so many studies is how little most of us will be getting when we come to retire and how so many public sector pensions are not ‘gold plated’ at all, despite the rhetoric spouted in numerous debates. So much of that debate about pensions has been skewed by government and its policy proponents as a public v private, cuts v fairness debate, when the actual position has most of us, across… Read more
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More on Nokia, Santander and service quality

After yesterday’s blog highlighting the groundbreaking work of public and third sector services in supporting families with multiple problems and challenges, I couldn’t help but return to another service related theme. In August I wrote about the appalling quality of a mobile ‘phone product of Nokia that had blighted part of my life and business. Not opinion – fact, based on a personal experience. I also reported a while before that on Nokia’s collapsing market value, i.e. from £200bn to £15bn in ten years. I made connections between the quality of their product and this collapse. Now, some of that… Read more
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Open Public Services – Worcestershire Family Intervention Project

Here’s an interesting piece from the Open Public Services website describing a family intervention model in Worcestershire. Below the short article you will find a link to a much longer piece on a larger scheme in the City of Westminster. What was the situation? Worcestershire has pockets of deprivation and families with multiple problems and complex needs who are not coping. For some families, the patchwork of support and service silos was exacerbated by rural isolation and two tier local government and there was little prospect of breaking the cycle of multiple interventions.Inspired by the Dundee Families Project, Mel Bailey… Read more
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Open Public Services White Paper

The Open Public Services White Paper is in the consultation stage and SOLACE have produced their response on behalf of 1700 Chief Executives and senior managers. Acknowledging that a peace, of sorts, has recently broken out between the profession and Eric Pickles, this still seems to satisfy itself to move along the surface of the White Paper, tending to make thoughtful, conciliatory comments. Admittedly…it identifies some important points about the centrality of local government to the probable success of the eventual legislation and what local government is already doing in regard to aspects like competition and procurement, neighbourhood working and… Read more
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