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For better or for worse?

During the past year we have spoken with clients in the public sector about their effective and courageous responses to the original emergency budget, the 2010 Comprehensive Spending Review and everything that followed from then on. The highly cogent commentary from economic experts then, that highlighted the unfeasibly high economic growth expectations that underpinned the government’s economic strategy and its demands on the public sector, have now been proven beyond doubt. We have been suggesting to clients across this period that those growth targets would not be met and that the government would be back to raid public spending again… Read more
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Government business opened up to SME’s – or is it?

The Business to Business website reported today the apparent good news that government intends to accelerate the opening-up of it’s business opportunities to small and medium enterprises. Now, we’ve highlighted before that there is a fairly sizeable gap between the espoused theory of openness to competition and the actual theory in use, i.e.the much harsher reality, of Messrs Maude and Whatmore (Maude’s senior civil servant). One example must be that so many so-called open opportunities to tender are in fact provided to aggregating websites who charge hundreds and thousands of pounds for SME’s to access even the most rudimentary of… Read more
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Security of tenure for housing to be tied to work or training

The Municipal Journal has just reported that Wandsworth LBC is considering introducing a ‘Housing into Work’ scheme for new housing applicants. They would be subject to fixed-term tenancies tied to periodic reviews of their employment status. Tenants who fail to take steps to find work or improve their employment prospects during the fixed term face the prospect of losing their homes. The Council’s Housing spokesperson Councillor Paul Ellis said: “We are effectively creating a contract with selected new tenants to support and help them find a job or gain new skills. In return we expect them to take up these… Read more
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CIPD Annual Conference and appreciative approaches to change

I’ve spent the past two days at the CIPD Annual Conference in Manchester helping on the exhibition stand of a friend and colleague in the UK and European AI Networks and Associate in The Open Channel, Sarah Lewis. Her company Appreciating Change has had a stand at both the CIPD HRD conference earlier this year at Olympia and now this one.Across the two days we have spoken to dozens of visitors to the conference and exhibition. These are HR professionals across all sectors who are principally charged with recruitment, selection, advancement, reward and so on. Amongst this group we found… Read more
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Truth deniers on public sector pensions at it again – this time it’s Dominic Lawson

Dominic Lawson makes some good points in today’s i newspaper about the current pensions debate. For instance he points out that “barely a third of all private sector workers have an employer-sponsored scheme at all.” Yet, instead of castigating the private sector employers for atrociously failing their employees, and by the way possibly flouting the law, he eulogises this scandal and uses it as a stick to beat public sector employers with. He then goes on to recycle the tired old untruth about the relative scale of public sector pensions, completely failing to distinguish between those funded from general taxation… Read more
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European Appreciative Inquiry Network

Last week, I spent almost four days in Manchester participating in the AI Network. This self-organising network of appreciative and strengths-focused advisers, facilitators and practitioners of all descriptions, has met 12 times across Europe over the last five years. The event is structured around Open Space and World Cafe technology, which provides highly engaging ways for groups to connect, combine and co-create.  Across a series of short yet intensive sessions we covered a wide range of themes and subjects, including imagining a new Europe through the use of AI, case studies of successful change across all sectors using appreciative and… Read more
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