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It’s Monday – make those meetings work better!

In a few hours, you will be starting your weekly round of ‘good-finding’, solution-focused, appreciative meetings; you will programme some quiet time for reflection and planning and look forward to recognising the contributions of others towards your success. Your meetings will run well, crisply chaired with collaborative outcomes (well, I hope so anyway). On the other hand, your week might pan out a little differently. In one sample of 65 CEOs reported by the Wall Street Journal and cited by the Drucker Exchange, executives spent roughly 18 hours of a 55-hour workweek in meetings, more than three hours on calls… Read more
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North-South divide – or is it more complex than that?

This Guardian report is a thoughtful and thought-provoking piece about the growing problem of unemployment for young people. The ‘twist’ in this story, if there is one, is the location of this, the Country’s youth-unemployment ‘high-spot’, in percentage terms at least. It’s not in the north of England or in the inner part of one of our core cities. No, it’s in an area of Clacton-on-Sea in Essex. To a degree though, the location is immaterial. Stories like this can be as common in rural market towns as they are in larger population centres. The article concentrates in an… Read more
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12 Resolutions that might actually make a difference

How have your New Year’s Resolutions fared? Well, I hope. I saved this piece from New Year specifically to replay it a little further into the year when the hype has died down, the first credit bill has been faced and the more dramatic of our resolutions have bitten the dust, to be replaced with that hard-edged reality that February always seems to bring. Check out this link. Whilst a couple of items are more geared towards the USA, the sense remains. All of them offer something of value, positive challenge or potential personal achievement. Happy New Year!… Read more
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Lester & Alexander – cock-up and now conspiracy?

As a senior level interim I have become transfixed by the ‘car crash’ that is the Lester case. The Municipal Journal has reported: “Senior local government officials face a potential Treasury probe into their personal tax affairs following revelations that the head of the Student Loans Company (SLC) avoided paying tax on his salary, under arrangements agreed within Whitehall. Ed Lester was not added to the SLC payroll when given a two-year contract in January 2011, and was paid through a private firm – a loophole which saved him an estimated £40,000 a year on his tax bill. His £182,000… Read more
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