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Game Theory and its application in our organisations

At The Open Channel we are open to new technologies and ways of communicating and learning. The Gametrainers web site is a good practical resource for trainers and facilitators and also a catalyst for creative thinking for all learning and development practitioners. Most people are more creative when they are having fun, and all organisations need creative thinking to support positive change. Team meetings for example can be (but aren’t always) boring, repetitive and stifling. There are though some practical and productive ways to generate deeper engagement and new ideas. How about: Hold the front page Ideas tennis Resource Auction… Read more
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A call for more sustainable growth and fairer distribution

The 2020 Public Services Trust, a part of the RSA, has launched a report called Business, Society and Public Services which calls for a more sustainable approach to economic growth and a fairer process for distributing wealth so that we can invest in public services over the longer term. The widening gap between rich and poor is a cost on our collective responsibilities and we need a different way and a new commitment to investing in our social and public institutions At the same time, Common Dreams highlights one of the cases where sustainability and fair distribution are an… Read more
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