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"If the economy was a sick patient, George Osborne would be struck off"

Larry Elliott writes on today’s Guardian website: “Weaker growth has meant the government’s deficit reduction plan is well off track, with David Cameron admitting that austerity will now continue for a decade, double the five-year period of pain promised when the coalition came to power. The Treasury has borrowed well over £500bn since the recession began and the figures are worse this year than they were in 2011.” John Cridland, DG of the CBI and general all-around supporter for the Chancellor says: “These are very disappointing figures. They show there has been a lack of growth in the first… Read more
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Painting the ‘big picture’ – leadership & intentional communication

Effective communication by leaders with their organisation’s employees helps to create engagement, motivation and a shared direction. What can sometimes happen though is that corporate communications fail to create a clear picture of the organisation’s strategic direction, tending to focus more on day-to-day operational matters, exhortations to better performance and trying to beat the rumour-mill to the punch. In 2007 HBR research found that a clear minority of employees reported that their managers communicated a clear strategic direction to them. Interestingly, in connected research this year, senior managers when asked believed a minority of their employees had a good grasp… Read more
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