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Optimum Interventions

"Our experience convinces us that appreciative and strengths-focused approaches to individual, organisational and community development offer the best hope for sustainable change"

Optimum Interventions

Appreciative Inquiry (AI) is much more than a set of OD processes and practices, it is a world-view. So, if it’s that important, what is AI and how do we use it benefit our clients?

Using AI to assist with change

AI inspires mutual imagination, innovation and creative thinking. It side-steps habitual obstacles and ineffective ways of thinking about challenging issues, and promotes positive action.

With strong scientific evidence and new research emerging all of the time, it makes sense to review and rethink your approaches to fundamental change and seek out those approaches that engage and deliver real-time, sustainable change.

AI asks us to construct our ‘worlds’ through conversation and collective action, creating what we imagine. It follows that a process for facilitating organisational change would consciously focus on encouraging and supporting employees to believe that they can make a real difference; rewarding leaders who know how to engage and free their colleagues to act; and directing the energy of the organisation towards the positive, generative and creative forces that give life and vitality to work.

Our clients tell us AI makes a difference – for individuals, teams and the whole system. Why not explore what AI could do for your next change activity?

Steve Lorraine