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Introducing Appreciative Inquiry into another part of the NHS

This week’s blog is by way of reporting on a fabulous two days spent with a superb group of NHS professionals and reiterating the power and relevance of Appreciative Inquiry (AI) in UK public services. During the week just past, I facilitated a two day appreciative inquiry-based learning and action event for 15 NHS professionals in the Midlands.  The event was designed to introduce the managers to AI; both it’s theory and practice. The group wanted to not only learn about AI but to use AI ‘live’ across the two days to produce outputs that they could take away and… Read more
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World Appreciative Inquiry Conference 2012

World Appreciative Inquiry Conference 2012, Ghent. I attended the Conference and a pre-conference AI/Strengths Master Class with David Cooperrider in the two days preceding the conference. There are several webcasts from the Conference really worth viewing. The first is the Conference Opening Keynote speech from Prof. Cooperrider which sets the scene for the three days that followed and also picks up a number of themes from his earlier masterclass, with almost 200 participants. In particular the need to find ways of ‘scaling’ strengths-based approaches to transformation in our cities, organisations and communities and the development of the appreciative models to… Read more
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4-D The Cincinnati way

Shannon Polly writes in a new piece of the Positive Psychology News Daily about a large-scale Appreciative Inquiry 4-D process in Cincinnati – the Core Change project. Aside from being the usual interesting piece one finds in the PPND,  the article offers some insights into how 4-Ds is developing in one project. The first noticeable aspect is the use of 4-Ds in a different layout to ones we might be familiar with, i.e: 1. Discovering the best of what is and has been 2. Dreaming about the future 3. Designing the Future 4. Deploying that design In the recent history… Read more
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