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Transform the Culture as well as the Structures and Systems

David Clark, Chief Executive of SOLACE, (Society of Local Authority Chief Executives) wrote this weekend about a recent survey of Chief Executives throwing up some interesting views on the subject of transformation. “Many (most?) councils feel they must “transform” themselves, if they are to survive the harsh conditions of austerity. Many embarked on large “transformational” programmes, some even appointed new staff to lead the transformation and a few now report that their transformation has now been concluded successfully. But these transformations are in no sense homogenous. They have often started in very different places. Some have included customer led service… Read more
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Does it have to be like this?

It’s been quite a week or two from a number of perspectives, with several occurrences that have caused me more than a little pause for thought (and emotion) around people, services, systems and perhaps leadership. The examples and analysis I offer are less felt as an organisational consultant, ‘though I do analyse these things from more than one perspective, and much more about what I find as a consumer, client, customer; call me what you will. Nor are these stories meant as gratuitious criticisms, borne out of a simple impatience or ingratitude. They are offered more as a narrative as… Read more
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Broken Britain? Broken Nokia. Useless Vodafone.

News from the front-line of customer service. Regular readers will know I have little time for rubbish customer service from the much vaunted and over-hyped private sector. Typically, this manifests itself via mobile ‘phone providers. Todays’ story is high quality. I have a Nokia E72.Nokia? You know, the company that was worth £200bn in 2001 and is  now worth south of £15bn and falling. Read this and you won’t be surprised why the fall in value. Last Friday, 19/8, my handset, the 2nd of the last 6 months, failed again. Cue contact with Vodafone. Excellent response, new E72 handset arrives… Read more
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