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The Secrets of Great Groups

I’m re-reading a tremendous book I picked up a while ago ‘- Leader to Leader’, from the Drucker Foundation. It’s a compendium of short, highly readable articles by great leaders and organisational thinkers and researchers. One particular article has my attention at the moment. Warren Bennis in his article, ‘The Secrets of Great Groups’ suggests there are enduring lessons to be learnt not only from studying personal leadership, but from studying group leadership. He suggests that the “few great accomplishments are ever the work of a single individual”. Mythology refuses to catch-up with reality, according to Bennis, so the myths… Read more
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Transform the Culture as well as the Structures and Systems

David Clark, Chief Executive of SOLACE, (Society of Local Authority Chief Executives) wrote this weekend about a recent survey of Chief Executives throwing up some interesting views on the subject of transformation. “Many (most?) councils feel they must “transform” themselves, if they are to survive the harsh conditions of austerity. Many embarked on large “transformational” programmes, some even appointed new staff to lead the transformation and a few now report that their transformation has now been concluded successfully. But these transformations are in no sense homogenous. They have often started in very different places. Some have included customer led service… Read more
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For better or for worse?

During the past year we have spoken with clients in the public sector about their effective and courageous responses to the original emergency budget, the 2010 Comprehensive Spending Review and everything that followed from then on. The highly cogent commentary from economic experts then, that highlighted the unfeasibly high economic growth expectations that underpinned the government’s economic strategy and its demands on the public sector, have now been proven beyond doubt. We have been suggesting to clients across this period that those growth targets would not be met and that the government would be back to raid public spending again… Read more
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CIPD reports on job losses – deeper consequences being felt

The CIPD website has reported this today, 15th: Dr John Philpott, Chief Economic Adviser at the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) comments as follows on official labour market statistics for the period April-June 2011 published earlier today by the Office for National Statistics (ONS): It’s clear from the large quarterly fall in employment and very sharp rise in headline unemployment that the UK jobs market is weakening significantly and that we can expect unemployment to continue to rise well into next year. What’s most worrying is that the private sector jobs recovery has slowed markedly while the public… Read more
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Pause, reflect, understand and move on – not take revenge

Eight days since I last blogged and when I did the riots had taken place only in north London. What a difference those ensuing few days made, both to the ‘landscape’ of the ensuing violence in a variety of cities and just as importantly  to issues such as the reactions to the events, to community cohesion, to government/police relations and so on. Have a look at the link for an interesting piece on causes of the unrest. The propensity for mass hysteria, evidenced by the various reactions to the News International saga, was re-affirmed massively by the sorts of… Read more
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Cuts deepening silos, not breaking down barriers

Guardian Weekly reports that “if it is now looking unlikely that the cuts will “transform” the way public services are delivered, it is certain that spending reductions are doing nothing to change the way Whitehall operates. If anything, spending cuts are reinforcing the autonomy of departments and the strength of the silo walls. That much is clear from the Commons public administration committee’s end of term report on Whitehall departments’ plans, which comes on top of all the other evidence that departments are baronies and central coordination mechanisms are weaker than they were under the governments of Tony Blair and… Read more
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