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"If the economy was a sick patient, George Osborne would be struck off"

Larry Elliott writes on today’s Guardian website: “Weaker growth has meant the government’s deficit reduction plan is well off track, with David Cameron admitting that austerity will now continue for a decade, double the five-year period of pain promised when the coalition came to power. The Treasury has borrowed well over £500bn since the recession began and the figures are worse this year than they were in 2011.” John Cridland, DG of the CBI and general all-around supporter for the Chancellor says: “These are very disappointing figures. They show there has been a lack of growth in the first… Read more
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Scorching critique of the uber-class

An interesting piece on the squeezed middles, unwittingly squeezed between the under-class and the uber-class, where-in the latter reside those who wrecked the economy and continue to escape absolutely free of punishment, with those in the former who decided to (very wrongly) take something from their neighbours and community are punished at sentences with 30-50% severity premiums. We should see balance, responsibility and accountability for all in society, no just those who have their collars felt most easily. Will we finally see the hierarchy at News International bought to book with the latest disclosures and senior police officers who… Read more
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