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Security of tenure for housing to be tied to work or training

The Municipal Journal has just reported that Wandsworth LBC is considering introducing a ‘Housing into Work’ scheme for new housing applicants. They would be subject to fixed-term tenancies tied to periodic reviews of their employment status. Tenants who fail to take steps to find work or improve their employment prospects during the fixed term face the prospect of losing their homes. The Council’s Housing spokesperson Councillor Paul Ellis said: “We are effectively creating a contract with selected new tenants to support and help them find a job or gain new skills. In return we expect them to take up these… Read more
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Full circle in housing allocations

The Housing and Property Law Daily web site reports that Stoke City Council has replaced its choice-based housing allocation system with a more needs-based system following a review by an external consultancy. It reports that the Council has implemented a new process from today (31/5) that allocates properties on a needs basis. The HPLD site quoted from an article in This is Staffordshire, where the council’s cabinet member for housing, Gwen Hassall, stated: “The move will mean that those people in greatest housing need will be helped more quickly and effectively as the new system will be more streamlined. “It… Read more
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