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Members and Officers Working Together Through Strengths

I’ve been working with some exceptional people during the past week. Senior officers in local authorities and fire and rescue services who as one writer has it, are “ordinary people doing extraordinary things.” What’s extraordinary is that amongst all of the inevitable complexity and complications of organisational life in public service (sometimes more complex than needs be, admittedly), they are finding ways to deliver public good in an environment of almost perpetual uncertainty, resource reduction and organisational dilemma. This perpetual uncertainty manifests itself in a number of ways. In relation to officers working with locally elected politicians, it often surfaces… Read more
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Sustaining ourselves through difficult times – get new energy here!

Recently I have noticed a range of conflicting feelings and emotions, as the cuts to our public services deepen and the future for them looks anything but bright. On one side, I have been increasingly troubled by the continuing and brutalising effects of the resource cuts to public and voluntary services, along with the associated anti-public sector messaging that goes with them. On the other hand, I read so many energising pieces about great leadership, well handled change and innovative organisational development in those services, that daily I find great ideas, succour and important sources of energy, the fund of… Read more
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The Secrets of Great Groups

I’m re-reading a tremendous book I picked up a while ago ‘- Leader to Leader’, from the Drucker Foundation. It’s a compendium of short, highly readable articles by great leaders and organisational thinkers and researchers. One particular article has my attention at the moment. Warren Bennis in his article, ‘The Secrets of Great Groups’ suggests there are enduring lessons to be learnt not only from studying personal leadership, but from studying group leadership. He suggests that the “few great accomplishments are ever the work of a single individual”. Mythology refuses to catch-up with reality, according to Bennis, so the myths… Read more
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Change and ensuring great culture doesn’t go in the cuts

As we enter a period of substantial, long-term and  discontinuous change for organisations in all sectors, the reality that we will lose massive experience and talent is unavoidable. The headlines tend to concentrate on the loss of jobs, people and resources – rightly so. There is though another risk of loss that is less obvious yet potentially more damaging to the long term health of an organisation. That is the loss of ‘culture’, i.e. “the way we do things around here”, the often ephemeral yet vital social ‘glue’ that binds many organisations together, sets them apart from the herd. This… Read more
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"If the economy was a sick patient, George Osborne would be struck off"

Larry Elliott writes on today’s Guardian website: “Weaker growth has meant the government’s deficit reduction plan is well off track, with David Cameron admitting that austerity will now continue for a decade, double the five-year period of pain promised when the coalition came to power. The Treasury has borrowed well over £500bn since the recession began and the figures are worse this year than they were in 2011.” John Cridland, DG of the CBI and general all-around supporter for the Chancellor says: “These are very disappointing figures. They show there has been a lack of growth in the first… Read more
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Attack on pensions challenged this week

I’ve previously written about how many employees across all sectors deserve better from their pension schemes, whether final salary or defined contribution, public or private sector. What’s clear from so many studies is how little most of us will be getting when we come to retire and how so many public sector pensions are not ‘gold plated’ at all, despite the rhetoric spouted in numerous debates. So much of that debate about pensions has been skewed by government and its policy proponents as a public v private, cuts v fairness debate, when the actual position has most of us, across… Read more
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Haringey and the Tottenham riots

A quite momentous week, often for the most puzzling or troubling of reasons, e.g. USA’s downgrade to AA+ reliability (which panics ‘the markets’ – ever wondered just exactly what or who these ‘markets’ are and why they panic so easily?) juxtaposed with the highly local 2011 Tottenham ‘riots’, which if nothing else seems to show the relative fragility of community cohesion. The continued reduction in third sector sustainability, the lack of sustained growth in the economy and waves of redundancies in both the commercial and public sectors suggests a winter of discontent, whether of an employment relations nature or of… Read more
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