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Members and Officers Working Together Through Strengths

I’ve been working with some exceptional people during the past week. Senior officers in local authorities and fire and rescue services who as one writer has it, are “ordinary people doing extraordinary things.” What’s extraordinary is that amongst all of the inevitable complexity and complications of organisational life in public service (sometimes more complex than needs be, admittedly), they are finding ways to deliver public good in an environment of almost perpetual uncertainty, resource reduction and organisational dilemma. This perpetual uncertainty manifests itself in a number of ways. In relation to officers working with locally elected politicians, it often surfaces… Read more
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The NHS, leadership development and the public service orientation

Two recent articles in the Guardian’s Healthcare Professional Network have brought NHS leadership styles and leadership generally to the fore, specifically in relation to the Mid-Staffs Hospital Inquiry and more widely to the raft of process changes underway in the NHS. Part of the debate now involves the leadership style that seems to have been the predominant style desired in both recruits to a senior level in the NHS and, by inference, being turned out by the NHS Leadership Academy. Either way, the critique seems to be that the so-called ‘pace-setting’ style of leadership, whilst appropriate for a wide range… Read more
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Open Public Services White Paper

The Open Public Services White Paper is in the consultation stage and SOLACE have produced their response on behalf of 1700 Chief Executives and senior managers. Acknowledging that a peace, of sorts, has recently broken out between the profession and Eric Pickles, this still seems to satisfy itself to move along the surface of the White Paper, tending to make thoughtful, conciliatory comments. Admittedly…it identifies some important points about the centrality of local government to the probable success of the eventual legislation and what local government is already doing in regard to aspects like competition and procurement, neighbourhood working and… Read more
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