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Pause, reflect, understand and move on – not take revenge

Eight days since I last blogged and when I did the riots had taken place only in north London. What a difference those ensuing few days made, both to the ‘landscape’ of the ensuing violence in a variety of cities and just as importantly  to issues such as the reactions to the events, to community cohesion, to government/police relations and so on. Have a look at the link for an interesting piece on causes of the unrest. The propensity for mass hysteria, evidenced by the various reactions to the News International saga, was re-affirmed massively by the sorts of… Read more
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Haringey and the Tottenham riots

A quite momentous week, often for the most puzzling or troubling of reasons, e.g. USA’s downgrade to AA+ reliability (which panics ‘the markets’ – ever wondered just exactly what or who these ‘markets’ are and why they panic so easily?) juxtaposed with the highly local 2011 Tottenham ‘riots’, which if nothing else seems to show the relative fragility of community cohesion. The continued reduction in third sector sustainability, the lack of sustained growth in the economy and waves of redundancies in both the commercial and public sectors suggests a winter of discontent, whether of an employment relations nature or of… Read more
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