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Change – Our Worlds, Contexts and Conversations

The imperatives to change and transform our organisations, and the risks of not responding coherently and appropriately to those imperatives have never been greater or more pressing. During change, the emphasis is often on the ‘programme’ and the programme management tools; the Gantt charts; the HR procedures, cost-management and delivering the ‘benefits’ (how I recoil from that particular term) and so on – and perhaps rightly so. Without appropriate emphasis on those technical aspects, many change programmes (again, not keen on that way of describing change, as programmatic, almost guaranteed to succeed) can and often do falter or fail to… Read more
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The Secrets of Great Groups

I’m re-reading a tremendous book I picked up a while ago ‘- Leader to Leader’, from the Drucker Foundation. It’s a compendium of short, highly readable articles by great leaders and organisational thinkers and researchers. One particular article has my attention at the moment. Warren Bennis in his article, ‘The Secrets of Great Groups’ suggests there are enduring lessons to be learnt not only from studying personal leadership, but from studying group leadership. He suggests that the “few great accomplishments are ever the work of a single individual”. Mythology refuses to catch-up with reality, according to Bennis, so the myths… Read more
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Painting the ‘big picture’ – leadership & intentional communication

Effective communication by leaders with their organisation’s employees helps to create engagement, motivation and a shared direction. What can sometimes happen though is that corporate communications fail to create a clear picture of the organisation’s strategic direction, tending to focus more on day-to-day operational matters, exhortations to better performance and trying to beat the rumour-mill to the punch. In 2007 HBR research found that a clear minority of employees reported that their managers communicated a clear strategic direction to them.¬†Interestingly, in connected research this year, senior managers when asked believed a minority of their employees had a good grasp… Read more
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