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Introducing Appreciative Inquiry into another part of the NHS

This week’s blog is by way of reporting on a fabulous two days spent with a superb group of NHS professionals and reiterating the power and relevance of Appreciative Inquiry (AI) in UK public services. During the week just past, I facilitated a two day appreciative inquiry-based learning and action event for 15 NHS professionals in the Midlands.  The event was designed to introduce the managers to AI; both it’s theory and practice. The group wanted to not only learn about AI but to use AI ‘live’ across the two days to produce outputs that they could take away and… Read more
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Theory or Practice? Which is best…

Sorry, I was penning this post when I was sidetracked by the sight of the Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minster and Secretary of State for Health being thrown off a hospital ward by a senior clinician. The words were, “I’m not having it, get out!”. Classic bushwhack television and deeply embarrassing as the trio had just been speaking with patients about their changes to their proposed changes in the health service. Reminiscent of several other off-message meet-the-people “opportunities,” for senior politicians e.g. Brown in Rochdale and Blair in Birmingham. Not good but riveting viewing. But back to business… I often… Read more
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