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Is it time for a Change of Gear?

Are you contemplating a new direction? If you’re ready to think about change you may be ready for GearChange. Drawing on their own experience of switching between employed and self-employed roles and re-launching ourselvs in new directions, Janet Dean and I have developed a programme of support for people who are embarking on major life and career change. What is GearChange? GearChange offers support to individuals embarking on career and life change through a menu of tailored products, including: One to one Coaching, either face to face, telephone or Skype. Mentoring, practical advice, access to knowledge and networks. Action Learning… Read more
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Well Being and a critique of the consultation on the measures

The Positive Psychology website has been tracking the government’s plans to measure well being. The Office for National Statistics has been carrying out a £12m national consultation as part of the work to identify the most appropriate measures for the well being metrics. The PP article is a cogent and reasoned critique of the risks of creating the measures in the way Government suggests and what may flow from those in policy terms. The article is worth a read.… Read more
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Well Being and Flourishing, Talent and Perseverance

Some interesting ‘side-bars’ over the weekend: Martin Seligman, of Positive Psychology fame sees well-being as a combination of feeling good as well as actually having meaning, good relationships and accomplishment. His own positive psychology movement, which I find a particularly persuasive world-view to challenge the deficit paradigms of our time, has inspired many efforts to survey people’s state of mind. One example being David Cameron’s moves to measure GWB as well as GDP. Seligman is now concerned however that surveys exploring well being use questions which tend to concentrate on “life satisfaction”, which might include the above elements of well-being,… Read more
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