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Optimum Interventions

"We practice with the belief that the ‘experts’ are the people in the organisation, and we can support them best by encouraging people to understand their talents and strengths and how to use them most effectively."

Optimum Interventions

Our coaching and mentoring work creates safe and creative environments for personal development; environments where people feel they are valued, important and have something to add to the whole. The power in coaching always remains with the client, the coachee. Coaching is about bringing the best out of people, in their terms and on their timeframes.

We use non-directive methods to support our coachees, challenge their thinking, provide a space to reflect on practice and identify new goals, leadership approaches and coping strategies.

Ours will be a professional relationship to enhance effective action and learning though a process of observation, inquiry, dialogue and discovery that will provide you with valid information, informed choice and internal commitment. It’s also a highly personal learning process, which can uncover issues to change your style. Our conversations will be confidential. A key outcome will be that you will achieve more effective action.

Coaching and mentoring really does work. Our work is confidential, structured, consistent and accredited. It can be delivered face-to-face, by ‘phone and Skype. Our methods are highly cost-effective, flexible and backed by the very latest thinking and research on coaching and mentoring.

There is no need to struggle alone in the complex and ambiguous world of leadership. Make a call today to get the personal support you require.


Steve Lorraine