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Is it time for a Change of Gear?

Are you contemplating a new direction? If you’re ready to think about change you may be ready for GearChange.

Drawing on their own experience of switching between employed and self-employed roles and re-launching ourselvs in new directions, Janet Dean and I have developed a programme of support for people who are embarking on major life and career change.

What is GearChange?

GearChange offers support to individuals embarking on career and life change through a menu of tailored products, including:

One to one Coaching, either face to face, telephone or Skype.

Mentoring, practical advice, access to knowledge and networks.

Action Learning support and shared experience through small groups.

When might I need GearChange?

Only you will know when you will need GearChange, but many people find it useful in the following situations:

·         When looking for your next career move or promotion

·         When looking to change career, sector or employer

·         When facing redundancy

·         When taking early retirement

·         When starting up a business

·         When turning a passion or hobby into a business or employment

Our approach will be to build on your current strengths and to use them to help you find and secure success in your new venture or chosen path.

GearChange offers the chance to share your challenges with people who have been on the same journey. You may only need to meet us a few times, but we believe we can help you to:

·         Identify your key strengths

·         Work out what you really want to do

·         Make a practical plan to change direction

·         Take your first steps on the road to your new life

If you want to change direction, go to GearChange. Contact Janet or Steve

Our Stories – Knowledge and Experience We Can Share

GearChange is a service which we have created based on our own experiences. Many people approach us for coaching at times of change, so we know this is real need. Our concept for GearChange is to offer more than coaching, by also giving you access to practical help, advice and support to help you make choices about your future.

Do get in touch for a conversation if you are contemplating a change of gear with your life.


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