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Optimum Interventions

“We work with conviction, both as organisational leaders and independent advisors, helping to deliver sustainable change rather than quick fixes and 'flavour of the month' approaches”

Optimum Interventions

There is no short cut to a healthy, strong, diverse organisation. You must invest in people and then reflect on and learn from each stage of your investment.

We practice from the perspective that a clear vision and shared mission are essential to the long term success and sustainability of organisations.

These strategic activities will deliver the sustainable improvements our clients require when allied to sound, whole organisation, service-wide, team-based and individual development activities.

In our work we find that these activities are most helpful when they are focused on developing stronger working relationships, interpersonal skills and emotional intelligence.

Our extensive senior leadership and corporate change experience tell us that Appreciative Inquiry and strength-focused approaches bring depth and pace to change activities and offer truly sustainable routes to the changes you need.

As advisers, coaches and interim leaders, we continue to learn from our own and others’ experience and from academic research. This learning will never cease and we know it will increase in pace and depth as we work with a variety of clients. We always share this learning with clients and encourage clients to learn from their investment in the longer term.

Steve Lorraine