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Optimum Interventions

“We work with clients to create activities and events to engage and challenge stakeholders. Identifying what works well, creating a preferred future, designing valued actions to prompt real change and carry through to successful endings and new beginnings”

Optimum Interventions

Here are examples of our work, always seeking the appreciative and strengths-focused routes to assisting clients to develop their capacity for long-term change and service improvement.

Norwich City Council
We worked closely with Council officers, introducing them to Appreciative Inquiry, to support and elaborate a new Council vision and create leadership and management competencies.

AI Written Works: Stories from the field. Norwich City Council – Supporting a Vision

Hull City Council
In Hull, we worked alongside officers to add more pace and energy to a strong transformation effort, adopting Appreciative Inquiry to shape hundreds of conversations across the Council and a ‘summit’ event involving employees.

AI Written Works: Stories from the Field – Hull City Council

Walsall Local Strategic Partnership
We worked with a metropolitan borough council to develop a vision of 2021 for its communities. We created an AI conversation master guide that helped people to carry out detailed AI conversations with a wide range of organisations and interests in the borough. The conversation material was shared at a major conference of the local strategic partnership (LSP) for the borough and more widely via the LSP’s website.

Walsall Borough Strategic Partnership – A Vision for Walsall

West Midlands Fire Service
The West Midlands Fire Service engaged us to work with its senior managers using several Appreciative Inquiry-based 4-D events to create material for the service’s vision project. At the same time Oi was asked to equip those officers with sufficient knowledge and confidence of AI to take a more leading role in later visioning activities, including developing and running a vision summit.

AI Written Works: Stories from the Field – Creating a Vision with the West Midlands Fire Service

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Steve Lorraine