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Optimum Interventions

“We continue to learn from our own and others' experiences and from academic research. This learning will never cease and we know it will increase in pace and depth as we work with a variety of clients”

Optimum Interventions

We can help you to:

  • create a strong and clear preferred future
  • understand your changing world
  • implement sustainable change
  • achieve greater clarity of direction
  • improve performance
  • cope with complexity and ambiguity
  • build better relationships
  • increase your capacity to lead change
  • step up to your next role

We deliver these outcomes with you through executive coaching, consultancy advice, executive interim assignments and organisational change specialities.

We provide you with breadth and depth:

Strategic visioning and change activities

We design and lead whole system change activities with a clear emphasis on appreciative and strengths-focused approaches. We specialise in working with Boards, strategic leadership teams and groups of senior managers to create new visions and missions. We do this through open-space events; vision summits and future search conferences; corporate and senior-level team review and development activities; department-wide service development programmes and partnership reviews.

Individual and team performance development activities

We are particularly experienced in developing and delivering leadership development programmes; action learning sets and other forms of self-development groups; creating challenging one-off team development and learning activities; and of course individual executive coaching and leadership mentoring.

Programme & project development and external critique

We provide an objective, external critique to cost reviews, performance analysis and pre-accreditation processes. We help clients deliver structural change, budget reductions, performance improvement and successful accreditation inspections. We have managed and led some of the most high profile change programmes in local government. We have a tradition of providing independent external challenge for our clients.

If you need support in any of these areas, contact us now and explore how to make it happen.

Steve Lorraine