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Optimum Interventions

“It’s the people who make organisations work really well”


Optimum Interventions

We are accredited partners of the Strengthscope Partnership. Working with strengths-focused methods and exploring what works well for the individual and in the organisation pays dividends. Models like Strengthscope, Gallup’s Strengthsfinder, Seligman’s VIA, and the SOAR strategic planning model (Strengths, Opportunities, Aspirations, Results) offer new and exciting ways to optimise talent and ability.

We recognise that sometimes there is something wrong in the performance of a team, service or individual and an intervention needs to take place. Frequently, this can take the form of a rapid change of personnel or the creation of a new procedure. Yet, often this proves to be the short-term palliative, not the long-term salvation.

Why is this? One reason might be that the positive core of that person or team has simply not been explored and captured because of the concentration on problems. Another reason is that individuals are so inured to the problem-fixing mode of operation, that their strengths, talents and the activities that make best use of their talents are not recognised or valued.

This shift of perspective from the problem-centred to the positive and strength-focused gives people an opportunity to be proud of what they are doing and feel that they are important contributors to the organisation’s goals.

When people feel valued and engaged they are more productive, engaged and have greater potential to use and increase their personal strengths. They also become more able to accept greater responsibility and increase their ability to see new perspectives and others’ views. When this happens, weaknesses frequently become irrelevant.

We create opportunities for people to learn about and appreciate their talents, connect with their strongest energies, feel that they are important and skilled and learn how to combine their strengths with those of their colleagues.

Don’t delay. Get the benefits from a strengths-focused approach to leadership and management now.

Steve Lorraine