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Optimum Interventions

"a deeply held set of public service values ...infectious enthusiasm,  optimism and commitment..."

“Steve worked with three separate groups within The Fire Fighters Charity in Sept/Oct 2013 to re-establish a SOAR assessment of the organisation. He needed to lead one group in some detail as they had not used this technique before. The result achieved a high degree of consensus and left everyone feeling they had made a useful contribution.

We were then able to develop a positively challenging scenario for the Charity’s future with advice from Steve. This led to vigourous debate, acceptance of a new direction, and we are now internally renewing strategic objectives for our business plan. There was universal acknowledgement of Steve having positively led us through this stimulating exercise, and we feel well placed to finalise our plans with a high degree of confidence.”

 John Parry, CEO, Fire Fighters Charity.


“Optimum Interventions assisted in the configuration and delivery of the in-depth reviews of the Service that were undertaken to enable decisions about resource allocation, improvement and change. They brought a technical understanding and style of delivery that enabled a focus to be maintained on the task in hand during some gruelling sessions and provided timely challenges that made people fundamentally reconsider ‘accepted norms’.”
Consulting client, Deputy Chief Executive, Public Sector body

“Steve is not only extremely hard working, diligent and professional but also intelligent and extremely able. He is completely trustworthy and reliable. He has the ability to analyse how an organisation is functioning (or not) and direct his considerable skills and experience to areas requiring attention.”
Interim client, Chief Executive, Public Sector body

“Steve’s relaxed and friendly style has meant an extremely conducive learning situation for me. Steve’s encouragement and advice in terms of how to approach new tasks and to think in new ways has been extremely welcome. I think Steve’s mentoring skills have been extremely effective in terms of helping me to improve and I hope thereby benefit the organisation as a consequence.”
Leadership Mentoring client, Service Director, Public Sector body

“The main benefit was having an external, independent person to help me to stand back and look rationally at the problems in the organisation, and respond in a measured way rather than making an emotional response. Being able to talk frankly to someone in a safe environment and explore options was enormously helpful to me when I was working for an organisation that was in turmoil and in which there was a lot of distrust.”
Executive Coaching client, Head of Service, Third Sector body

“He works to and is guided by a deeply held set of public service values and cares deeply about those in our society who are most vulnerable and needing of high quality support from public and third sector services. All this, when allied to his infectious enthusiasm, optimism and commitment, make him a formidable colleague and a great team player.”
Interim client, Chief Executive, Public Sector body

“He has been highly influential in enabling our team to consider its impact and our potential, so much so that in the last 2 years Steve has been involved with us as mentor to every member of the team and some other senior officers.Steve has also steered us through an organisational development programme using Appreciative Inquiry and the team development of our corporate leadership team. ”
Consulting & Executive Coaching client, Chief Executive, Public Sector body

“Steve is insightful; he put himself into my line of thinking. He knows the local situation – being able to discuss things that we both recognise is very helpful and he has real experience. This is not theory; he has had his own successes and failures. He is up-beat – it is so good to come away from a session having got excited by what could happen.”
Leadership Mentoring client, Head of Service, Public Sector body

Steve Lorraine